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Middle of April Blah

How many of you are the the middle of April Blah!!?  I am!  I’m trying to stay focused on what’s important…..kids are clean and dressed, and they have food in their bellies.  Now the question here is….Is the food an actual meal, or just cereal?  Is the outfit they are wearing the same as yesterday, because this momma just didn’t care? Soooooo….as you can see, sometimes it is cereal for dinner, and that’s ok.  Sometimes they are wearing the same outfit as yesterday, or they are wearing a Halloween costume in April, and that’s ok.  Some things are just not worthy of a care.  Am I right? or am I right!?

This week I wrote down some ideas for dinner, just so I could not say “I don’t know what to cook”.  And guess what, it seriously has worked.  I’m not sure how! LOL!  Here is my week:

MONDAY:  French toast

Tuesday:  Sausage and tomato penne

Wednesday:  Mini meatloaf and tator tots

Thursday:  Pizza biscuits and veggies

Friday:  Left overs…..just because

Saturday:  a whole chicken and veggies


So as you can see, it’s nothing fancy, but it gets food on my table!  It makes me feel like I stayed on schedule!  And I’ll share my recipes with you if you ask….but sometimes I don’t have a recipe, and I just make it up…so I’ll just give ya the simple version ex “sprinkle a little of this and a little of that, pour in this, stir and serve!”.  You’re welcome!

I’m thinking that a walk may be a good thing too…  but for now, I don’t want to get wet, and it won’t stop raining!  I’ll start “tomorrow!”  Details on that later!20170420_152915