School is starting

How many of you are teachers? How many are parents? These last few weeks or days are a bag of mixed emotions.  

We are also trying to figure out if we should veg out,  or do all the things that we didn’t get a chance to do yet this summer! 

Most of the school supplies have been purchased and are in the back packs,  ready for welcome back night.  Outfits are bought,  but need to be ironed and put away.  Shoes have been bought for normal wear,  but we still need to get gym shoes.  

Does this sound like any of you with kiddos?

I decided to bake with my girls a few more times.  I just got a new bundt pan from Pampered chef (available September 1, 2017) and we’re having so much fun trying out new recipes for it!  Do you have any bundt pan recipes you’d like to share with me?? I’m going to be experimenting with lemon later today, stay tuned for results!

Another thing that we have been talking about all summer,  is going to a few cemeteries to see where our relatives have been buried.  We took a drive with my grandparents to get a history lesson at the same time.  It was great! One thing my 7 year old asked though, after looking around for a bit,  was “where is Jesus’s grave?” I think we need to chat a bit more about what happens on Easter and get a geography lesson as well!

Enjoy your last few days of summer! Have a wonderful fall! 



I’m in love with Pampered Chef 

Last June,  I signed up to be a Pampered Chef lady.  I signed for the money.  I am learning I am getting so much more! 

This week,  I joined 4000 women and men at the National Pampered Chef Conference 2017. It was so inspiring.  I felt like I found 4000 more friends.  

My hope for more money,  has been changed to loving the grown-up discussions,  fun,  and friendships I have along the way.  

I’m thinking I’m not alone here,  when I say  “it’s so nice to talk to others who can speak sentences longer than 3 words,  understand what I’m saying,  and are taller than preschool size”. My daily life usually revolves around 16 three to five year olds,  and then coming home to my 4 and 7 year old.  Adult conversation is nice.  

Pampered Chef has giving me more goals.  They have inspired me to challenge myself to want to be better.  It’s an individual sport.  You only need to compare your numbers to yourself.  “Am I making improvements in myself and my business?”  “Am I rocking this?”  “Am I getting what I need from this?” This picture below shows my name tag from this year.  My goals for next year include having a ribbon that reads advanced director.  Let’s do it!

My goals for achieving this must be remembering what it is all about.  Creating one meal at a time and one memory at a time.  Helping the people I meet and already know learn tips for easy recipes and keeping it simple in the kitchen! Helping others know they are not alone.  

click here for this Pampered Chef recipe

Who should have a party? Everyone! Why? Well it depends on the individual’s why.  Food? Friends? Fun? Free? 

Who should have Pampered Chef in their lives? Everyone! Why? It depends? Food? Friends? Fun? Free?

I want us all to find our why.  Is it our kids? Family? Money? I had such a blast at the conference and learned more than I can implement in a week,  but I’m making a plan and am so excited! 

Let’s get Together.  

Does Pampered Chef need You? Or do You need PC?