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Preschool students back home!

Have I told you before….I’m not a good stay at home mom? I love my kids. I love time off of school and work during the school year. I don’t like long 3 months. This year, I’m changing my mindset.  I’m getting ready early!  I have created a few different lists, along with a packet that I’m hoping my preschooler (going to kindergarten next year!) will do one page a day!

The first list I made was the Reading Log. I wanted to give my kids a visual to what they are reading.

                                                        Get yours for FREE here! -> reading log

The second list I made was the “Screen time rules”. I for one know that my kids are screen junkies. I take blame, as well as my hubby does. This summer cannot be full of tv/movie watching. So I made up some rules of what they have to do before any screens are played on. I’m kind of excited! I am visioning having this sheet laminated or in a plastic sleeve, after both kids have written their name on their own list, and decorated it to their liking.

Want a copy for your kids? Get yours here -> screen time rules 2

When you click into my screen time rules, you’ll see that there is a line that  states “Summer learning packet – one page”.  I want my kids to do something educational this summer! lol! Says I, the teacher!  Who doesn’t?  However, have your kids done the eye roll and said “but mommmmmm, it’s summmmmer!!!”?  Yeah…that’s why I stated “1 page”.  I have made the summer learning packet for preschoolers.  You can find a copy right here ->ONE PAGE A DAY WORK   If your kiddo is a little older than preschooler, you may want to search a little for that age group.  I haven’t created those yet!


Needing a few more ideas of what to do to keep your summer enjoyable?  Check out my blog post at the Duluth Mom’s Blog

Hope this helps!  Have a great summer!  I’ll be back to share with you some things we’re doing!

Mom on!