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Becky’s 5 day Cooking Challenge

DesignLet’s try something. Let’s get in the kitchen and try something new, share a technique or recipe, learn from others!! Who wants a challenge each day? Each day I’ll post the challenge….. Can you handle the heat?

Fill in the simple form below and I’ll send you the 5 day challenge!  Each day’s challenge can be completed on what ever day you’d like!  

Click here to get started!!

I’m so excited!!  And if you have no idea who I am…..I’ll give you a little tip….I don’t cook! LOL!  Ok…I do.  But I do not consider myself a cook.  I’m more of a “see whats in the cupboard and let’s see what happens!” kind of person!  So this week, I’m going to join you all in this challenge!  They are easy to some extent, but also are meant to get you out of your comfort zone and try something new!  But it is all up to you on how crazy you want to get.

Want a challenge!?  Can you handle the heat?

  You can do the 5 challenge days on what ever day works best for you!  In order or out of order! Your choice!


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Have fun!!!  Come on over!!


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