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Deals, Deals, Deals!!!

Ok Peeps!!! I went shopping for a camping trip we’re taking, along with shopping for my dairy free 4 year old!!  I’m used to paying about $2.50+ for one yogurt she can eat and enjoy, and I found at Walmart the same kind (not too many flavors tho) for $1.58!!!!  Seriously…a dollar cheaper!!  And boy was Miss A sooooooo excited to see I bought 4 of them at one time…..normally I don’t do that due to the price.  No I’m not doing an affiliate post for them, no I’m not getting paid to say this, but I love a good deal, and I thought you’d like one too!  The kind we love is the “SO Delicious” brand of coconut yogurt, in all the flavors!  NUM!  Oh, and the same brand of icecream is also cheaper there!  Go see if your local Walmart has the same prices!

Side note….when you’re shopping at Walmart or Aldi or Sam’s Club or….anywhere really…you need some good bags.  Bags that can hold a lot!  The Everyday Tote Set from Pampered Chef if perfect for this!  They can hold up to 40 pounds, they have clips on them to help hold them to your cart 🙂  How awesome is that!

Oh come on, you had to know I was going to plug Pampered Chef…I love it so much!  And I am a consultant…if you want to purchase one go to my link here and I’ll help you out!

ALDI…..have we chatted about Aldi yet?  I love that place!  Also not paid to say that!  LOL!!  There are many many things there that are dairy free and delicious!!  I just found their cookies are DF!!  They sell DF milk too!  What else do they have?  If you are GF, they have a nice section just for you 🙂  I find that if they are GF, sometimes they are DF too!  Do you find that?  And to make everyone happy, the fruit and veggies are always a great price (way lower than our other local stores) and they taste great!

My exclamation mark is getting a work out today 🙂  When I’m excited, it’s hard not to use it!!!

Have a wonderful day!!

Shop on!


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Dairy Free · June 2017 · Just MOM!

Going out to eat— Dairy FREE

This is HARD.  Going out to eat is not as easy as it once was.  I have to think….about everything that may be used in the back kitchen.  I have to think about all the options that may be available for my 4 year old who gets a super upset tummy when she eats dairy in any form.

I started with the thought….GO WHOLE FOODS.  No dairy there! Go vegan!  When I start looking for those items it gets easier…..for a minute…then I remember, Miss A doesn’t like all that! UGH!  I’ve created a monster! LOL!  No, actually she’s pretty easy and knows that she needs to avoid dairy, even asking if that has dairy in it herself.

One thing I’m also learning….DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK!!! Most places will accommodate allergies.  We needed spaghetti and toast without any butter or cheese…we got it!  Want to know if there is dairy or gluten in something?  Ask.  If the waitress/waiter doesn’t know, ask them to find out.  Be polite and USUALLY they will work with you!

Another thing I’m watching for is the fried foods.  While camping with my family, I thought having fried fish would be safe for Miss A, but then I looked and they were dipping the fish into milk first.  It’s such a habit, no one thought of it.  It was totally ok that day, because there were so many other choices, no one went hungry.  Now, though, at restaurants, I have that memory playing in my mind….and it makes me think about if the people in the kitchen use milk in their deep frying.  Lesson of the day…..limit the fried.

What would my Miss A like?

  • Apple sauce and fruit sides
  • burger without bun (or ask if the bun has milk)
  • Soup–non creamy of course unless it is a special cream free soup base
  • Lemonade/juices/water
  • tacos – minus cheese

Last week, my girls and I were treated to lunch at “Bridgemans”…. one of my ideas….  I wanted to see if I could do it at a place that mainly sells DAIRY!!! 🙂 LOL!  She had chicken strips and apple sauce.  They did give her bread with butter, because I didn’t know that was included.  I would have asked about that one if I had known.  She was able to get a sundae with her kids meal, obviously not really an option, and the waitress asked if she wanted more apple sauce or some fruit.  Miss A said she was ok and we declined.  It was a nice gesture tho!

Picky Nicky’s in the house?  This gets tricky! (hehe!  I’m rhyming today!)  Again, from earlier, stay non processed, go vegan, get creative!  Many places will let you pick and choose, especially when they know there’s an allergy!  Use it!

Good luck….I’m learning….I’m a mom trying my best to keep my kiddo tummy ache free….    Learn with me.


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Dairy Free · June 2017

It’s for real!

You know how I said Miss A can’t have dairy? Sometimes I let things slide….. then I regret it! Example A: last night I made homemade ice cream.  Not belly friendly for her! I made her a substitute but our kind leaked to hers and made a ring around it with milk ice cream.  She ate it with a smile on her face.  She also ate the left overs in the machine (without me knowing…… you know what happens when the kiddo is quiet? Trouble!) Yup… last night,  wet the bed.  Today,  icky poops,  toots, and wet her pants twice today! We are so trained now tho look at the label.  Why do I do it? She’s 4. I have to watch.  She doesn’t get a rash. She doesn’t stop breathing.  But she ends up in the bathroom and having to change her pants.

I was always one of those parents that thought my kids would not be bothered by food allergies.  But why not my kids? I have sensitivities.  Case in point…. two days ago I ate something that caused me to break out in bumps all over my arms, shoulders,  chest and belly and some on my face! Yup.  Why wouldn’t my kids have some intolerance?

My hubby tonight said he was a bad dad because he has to be asked by our 7 year old if something has milk in it. That he doesn’t remember to look every time.  I told him he’s definitely not a bad dad.  It will take us all time to get used to it.  Everyone is there to help us remember.  And we are human,  we forget.

I hope one day soon,  Miss  A will choose on her own not to eat dairy…. ever.  But until then….Becky

Dairy Free · May 2017

Nummy NonDairy Foods!!

Did you know???

There are many foods that do not have any milk in them!  I was surprised by a few!  Here’s my list:

                          *   Oreos  🙂  Even the Double stuffed kind!!  What could be better than that!?  Seriously!  No need to be deprived of a super amazing cookie treat, when you know these have no milk inside them!  LOVE!!  Think of the possibilities!  Oreos on the bottom of Dairy FREE brownies?  NUM!!

Image result for Oreos

                    *  Ritz Crackers….for the littles out there, crackers are often an easy snack to grab…but when they include milk in the ingredient list, it makes it challenging to grab the right one.  Knowing that I can grab the Ritz for Miss A and not have to worry, is such a relief!  Top it with a little jam of choice, and it turns into a delicious snack indulgence!

Image result for ritz crackers

               *  Not too surprising, but happy to be reminded…..HUMMUS.  No way does Hummus have dairy in it.  But how many of you think of eating hummus?  How many think of giving it to your kiddos as a “dip”?  I don’t think of it often enough.  It is great for veggies, crackers, chips, or even on a sandwich!  Every store has their own brands along with national brands.  Try a few….mix up the flavors…see what you like best!  (I am not paid by any brand to advertise, but I do know that I like this hummus a lot!)

Image result for does hummus have dairy

           *  SO Delicious Dairy FREE Coconut milk Chocolate peanut butter swirl “ice cream” is amazing for my Miss A!!  This is one of her favorite “ice cream treat”    They have a good number of different flavors to try, but when you are running late and need to grab one, try this one!!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl

           *  Duncan Hines Brownie Mix!!!!  Of course not the milk chocolate kind, but come on~  bring a dessert to share?  Ok….brownies it is!  Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix

Bake them up in the Pampered Chef Brownie Pan and you’ll get perfect individual sized brownies to fit each guest’s request!!  Want marshmallows on top?  Ok!  Want nuts?  Ok! Want chocolate M&M’s?  OK! Click on my Pampered Chef link to order your own today!  (shameless plug now 🙂 )

Strawberry Heart Brownies

I’ll have more for you later!  What could you add to this list?  Every time a new person in our world learns we go Dairy FREE, they ask “what can she eat?”  I’m learning….slowly…but I’m learning!


Dairy Free

Vegan Strawberry Ice cream from Pampered Chef

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream!!  This recipe will be perfect for my little Miss A!  Non dairy, yet delish!  What type of ice cream do you love most—what flavor that is?  I have always always always said chocolate!  As I’ve grown up, it has continued with chocolate, but with something else with it….nuts, syrup, marshmallows, caramel…. you get the drift….something nummy to go with it!  I did tho, take a second look at this Pampered Chef Vegan Strawberry Icecream…. I was actually thinking “I’m going to be the best mom ever with this stuff!!!”  We’re making it tomorrow, and I’m hoping my prediction is correct, lol! Come on, can you hear it?  “Mom, you’re the best mom ever! You made me ice cream without milk in it and it is delicious!!”  Seriously….strawberry chunks throughout cannot be a bad thing!  I’m so excited! vegan strawberry icecream (1)


And if you are not needing a dairy free version of your favorite ice cream, here is a wonderful creamy strawberry goodness that will soon be requested!  Pampered Chef is seriously my go to recipe station.  They have done so much research for us…resulting in great food 🙂  This recipe will be a go to with my fam (besides Miss A) this summer!!

strawberry icecream



Yup… The bowl is going into the freezer tonight!!  I’m excited!

Get your own Pampered Chef Ice Cream Maker at





Dairy Free · May 2017

My Dairy FREE Kiddo!

going dairy free.png

In the last couple months, my 4 year old has gone Dairy FREE!  What a change in my thought process this brought on!  Did you know there is milk in soooo many things?  Trying to find bread that is dairy free and is not full of unwanted sugars is very hard to find!  And of course, ice cream.  The thing that she loves so much, but now knows it hurts her belly, is something we are working on finding a wonderful replacement.  I have given her “SO Delicious” icecream, and she does like it as a treat!  But…..I have earned a FREE Ice cream maker from Pampered Chef last month, and I’m on a mission to find the best homemade recipe for her to enjoy!

This past weekend, we went camping as a family.  My family was so great being my extra eyes and ears, making sure Miss A did not eat dairy.  As you probably can imagine….kids have more access to random foods while out camping with others than they would at home.  It was wonderful having those extra people around watching for me when I was not there at that exact moment!  Simple foods such as fried fish (which was dipped in milk before frying) was almost over looked…but caught by my sister!  S’mores were expected, so I brought along the striped cookies (from Aldi) that were non dairy.  These were a great sub for the graham cracker and chocolate pieces…. and Miss A was thrilled!  My goal this weekend was to bring everything I was expected to bring, in a nondairy form so that no matter what, she would have something to eat.  Fortunately….the love of our family goes into food, and knowing that dairy was an issue, many of the things around had a non dairy option!  So awesome!


It is a game changer.  An eye opener.  When your child’s belly hurts, and going potty doesn’t help, just because she had dairy in her crackers, or bread…..it means you put a little extra attention into looking at the back of boxes at the grocery store, the potluck table, the camper next door’s snack table, and more!


What foods have you found have been delicious and non dairy?

Ice cream recipes to come in the next post!!