Desserts · May 2017 · Pampered Chef Awesomeness!

The Brownie Pan

This Brownie Pan is my favorite pan in the kitchen to make brownies in!  It makes the best brownies out there!  For all of us who love the edges, you will be in heaven!  For those who love the insides….you will love it too!!  It just gives you the perfect individual size that can be customized to fit your guests’ needs!brownie pan

Take a look at this picture above for a sec!  The cook is pouring pancake batter into each well of the brownie pan!  Why?  So she doesn’t have to stand at the stove for half an hour or more flippin’ pancakes!!!!  These will go into the oven for about 12-15 minutes until they are golden brown and pull away from the sides.

Last year, I had a large group stay over at my house.  I panicked in the morning when I remember I didn’t plan for breakfast!! What was I going to do with 7 kiddos and 4 adults!?  I quickly grabbed my pancake mix, 2 brownie pans, and through them into the oven!  I luckily had some frozen fruit that I made into a fruit puree for a topping, maple syrup, and powdered sugar….walaa!  The PERFECTLY QUICK BREAKFAST!!  Made in the Perfect Pampered Chef Brownie Pan!

double chocolate cheesecake

These my friends,  are the Consultant Exclusive, Double Chocolate Cheesecake squares!!  Also made in the Brownie pan!!!!  OMG!  Seriously…… Can you say num!!!!???  Striped cookies on the bottom for a crust, topped with a chocolaty cheesecake you can’t resist!  I like to top my finished product with homemade whipped cream made in my whipped cream maker from Pampered Chef!!   30 seconds to fresh whipped cream….can’t beat it!

More things to do with this pan:

  •  Banana Bread
  • Mini-lasagna
  • Mini-meatloaf
  • Corn bread
  • Baked Pancakes (aka…Puffins)
  • Mini-Apple pie
  • Cheesecake
  •  Birthday cupcakes
  • Pizza Cups
  • Breakfast bakes
  • Sloppy Joes cups
  • and so much more!!

Schedule a House party with me, and I’ll bring the ingredients to make the Chocolate Cheesecake squares!!!!

When you stop drooling (or is that just me??) head on over to my Pampered Chef site and check out the Brownie Pan! I recommend getting 2!



Dairy Free · May 2017

Nummy NonDairy Foods!!

Did you know???

There are many foods that do not have any milk in them!  I was surprised by a few!  Here’s my list:

                          *   Oreos  🙂  Even the Double stuffed kind!!  What could be better than that!?  Seriously!  No need to be deprived of a super amazing cookie treat, when you know these have no milk inside them!  LOVE!!  Think of the possibilities!  Oreos on the bottom of Dairy FREE brownies?  NUM!!

Image result for Oreos

                    *  Ritz Crackers….for the littles out there, crackers are often an easy snack to grab…but when they include milk in the ingredient list, it makes it challenging to grab the right one.  Knowing that I can grab the Ritz for Miss A and not have to worry, is such a relief!  Top it with a little jam of choice, and it turns into a delicious snack indulgence!

Image result for ritz crackers

               *  Not too surprising, but happy to be reminded…..HUMMUS.  No way does Hummus have dairy in it.  But how many of you think of eating hummus?  How many think of giving it to your kiddos as a “dip”?  I don’t think of it often enough.  It is great for veggies, crackers, chips, or even on a sandwich!  Every store has their own brands along with national brands.  Try a few….mix up the flavors…see what you like best!  (I am not paid by any brand to advertise, but I do know that I like this hummus a lot!)

Image result for does hummus have dairy

           *  SO Delicious Dairy FREE Coconut milk Chocolate peanut butter swirl “ice cream” is amazing for my Miss A!!  This is one of her favorite “ice cream treat”    They have a good number of different flavors to try, but when you are running late and need to grab one, try this one!!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl

           *  Duncan Hines Brownie Mix!!!!  Of course not the milk chocolate kind, but come on~  bring a dessert to share?  Ok….brownies it is!  Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix

Bake them up in the Pampered Chef Brownie Pan and you’ll get perfect individual sized brownies to fit each guest’s request!!  Want marshmallows on top?  Ok!  Want nuts?  Ok! Want chocolate M&M’s?  OK! Click on my Pampered Chef link to order your own today!  (shameless plug now 🙂 )

Strawberry Heart Brownies

I’ll have more for you later!  What could you add to this list?  Every time a new person in our world learns we go Dairy FREE, they ask “what can she eat?”  I’m learning….slowly…but I’m learning!


Dairy Free · May 2017

My Dairy FREE Kiddo!

going dairy free.png

In the last couple months, my 4 year old has gone Dairy FREE!  What a change in my thought process this brought on!  Did you know there is milk in soooo many things?  Trying to find bread that is dairy free and is not full of unwanted sugars is very hard to find!  And of course, ice cream.  The thing that she loves so much, but now knows it hurts her belly, is something we are working on finding a wonderful replacement.  I have given her “SO Delicious” icecream, and she does like it as a treat!  But…..I have earned a FREE Ice cream maker from Pampered Chef last month, and I’m on a mission to find the best homemade recipe for her to enjoy!

This past weekend, we went camping as a family.  My family was so great being my extra eyes and ears, making sure Miss A did not eat dairy.  As you probably can imagine….kids have more access to random foods while out camping with others than they would at home.  It was wonderful having those extra people around watching for me when I was not there at that exact moment!  Simple foods such as fried fish (which was dipped in milk before frying) was almost over looked…but caught by my sister!  S’mores were expected, so I brought along the striped cookies (from Aldi) that were non dairy.  These were a great sub for the graham cracker and chocolate pieces…. and Miss A was thrilled!  My goal this weekend was to bring everything I was expected to bring, in a nondairy form so that no matter what, she would have something to eat.  Fortunately….the love of our family goes into food, and knowing that dairy was an issue, many of the things around had a non dairy option!  So awesome!


It is a game changer.  An eye opener.  When your child’s belly hurts, and going potty doesn’t help, just because she had dairy in her crackers, or bread… means you put a little extra attention into looking at the back of boxes at the grocery store, the potluck table, the camper next door’s snack table, and more!


What foods have you found have been delicious and non dairy?

Ice cream recipes to come in the next post!!