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Preschool students back home!

Have I told you before….I’m not a good stay at home mom? I love my kids. I love time off of school and work during the school year. I don’t like long 3 months. This year, I’m changing my mindset.  I’m getting ready early!  I have created a few different lists, along with a packet that I’m hoping my preschooler (going to kindergarten next year!) will do one page a day!

The first list I made was the Reading Log. I wanted to give my kids a visual to what they are reading.

                                                        Get yours for FREE here! -> reading log

The second list I made was the “Screen time rules”. I for one know that my kids are screen junkies. I take blame, as well as my hubby does. This summer cannot be full of tv/movie watching. So I made up some rules of what they have to do before any screens are played on. I’m kind of excited! I am visioning having this sheet laminated or in a plastic sleeve, after both kids have written their name on their own list, and decorated it to their liking.

Want a copy for your kids? Get yours here -> screen time rules 2

When you click into my screen time rules, you’ll see that there is a line that  states “Summer learning packet – one page”.  I want my kids to do something educational this summer! lol! Says I, the teacher!  Who doesn’t?  However, have your kids done the eye roll and said “but mommmmmm, it’s summmmmer!!!”?  Yeah…that’s why I stated “1 page”.  I have made the summer learning packet for preschoolers.  You can find a copy right here ->ONE PAGE A DAY WORK   If your kiddo is a little older than preschooler, you may want to search a little for that age group.  I haven’t created those yet!


Needing a few more ideas of what to do to keep your summer enjoyable?  Check out my blog post at the Duluth Mom’s Blog

Hope this helps!  Have a great summer!  I’ll be back to share with you some things we’re doing!

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Let’s Talk Math– Preschool Math

Let’s chat for a second, shall we?  Who has little ones in the house who are going to Preschool or will be going soon?  I would love to share some things that preschool kiddos will be doing in their “Math Class.”  Math in preschool is not all about adding and multiplying.  Oh, who am I kidding, Algebra class is on Tuesdays!  Hehehe!

What is Preschool math then?


When we do math in class, we start with rote counting.  That is, counting out loud, all by themselves.  This is what you do with them from the time they can talk. It is simply counting 1-2-3-4-5….


This step is hard, and may not be second in line.  To have a kiddo know how to count is one thing, but having them be able to recognize a numeral is a whole different ball game.  I created this game of Roll and count (concept old, my design new!) to practice 1-to-1 correspondence and number recognition.  Once I created this one game in the fall, my kiddos loved it.  So I made a whole bunch more! 🙂 Click on my year of Roll and covers in my Teachers pay teachers site!


Next, preschoolers can start to count items.  Teachers may call it doing 1-to-1 correspondence.   Let’s imagine you are in the kitchen with your kiddo.  You ask them to set the table, putting out forks and napkins for everyone in the family.  If they are able to count 1-to-1, they will count each of the people in the family, and then count the forks and napkins.  Don’t forget to do this math in your kitchen or on a walk to the park (count the cars parked, how many houses, how many trees?).


Another math process they do is ordering and sorting.  Ordering from tallest to shortest, from oldest to youngest, from biggest to smallest, can be done anywhere you are!  Sorting objects by different attributes such as size, age, color, taste, smell, etc. can keep a kiddo busy for hours if you change it up throughout the day.


Finding patterns in math related activities will get them closer to finding them in other math processes when they grow up, and even when doing reading and sounds.  If they can make an AB pattern (ex. blue, red, blue, red…) and then an ABC (ex. blue, red, green, blue, red, green) pattern, they will soon be able to see how patterns are created.  Then they will start to see how numbers create a pattern as they get larger.  20, 21, 22, 23…. 30, 31, 32, 32….40, 41, 42,43…

What are some fun activities you can do for patterns?  How about coloring one?  How about taking your cars and putting them in a color pattern?  Can your child create a pattern with their food?  How about make a pattern with the people in your family?


What shapes do your children know?  Of course the basics of the square, triangle and circle are the most important, but usually they learn the heart and start very easily!  Have your child match shapes if they don’t know the names of them yet.  When they match, tell them the name of that shape.  Then, when you are out and about, look for shapes in nature, on signs, in stores, etc.  I have a Smart Board in my classroom and created a Shape and Color Matching game for my kiddos to play.  With this game, they can know if they are correct or not, because I made it clap if they click the correct shape to match!  So fun!


So now you’re probably wondering why I’m sharing this all with you.  I want to remind you that your little one is a sponge.  She is learning things every moment of the day.  When she does math, it is not just counting out-loud.  It is not just telling you the number names.  It is all of these things, plus some!  That little brain of hers is working so hard, all the time!  That is why preschoolers are required to rest during the day.

When your preschooler’s teacher tells you they were working on math, please don’t be too quick to say “my daughter knows how to count!”.  We will say, “that is fabulous, now we need to work on….”

This is the “fun stuff”.  This is the math that will lead into the “hard stuff”.  Have fun with it, encourage her to look around during the day to find the pattern, or count the napkins.  Make everyday life a math lesson.  It’s way more fun!

Preschool Fun

Crazy start to new year!

I left you reading in August,  about how it’s a swear word!  But as teachers do,  we forget about the craziness that happens in the first months of school.  I want to compare it to childbirth.  You know wheat you went though to have your baby,  but somehow you forget the actual pain and difficulty! You may want to do it again! Teachers do the same thing.  We know we start over each year with new kids,  but really…. it’s not that bad.  Hah!

As a preschool teacher,  my job is to initiate all things new and get them to learn how to be at school and do school stuff,  write their name,  know abcs, count,  and play well with each other.  Ooh and to keep them safe! Really,  I do that,  kind of.  I first work at teaching how to sit at carpet time and not hurt each other while listening to a story.  Then, I teach them how to line up,  and stay in line,  and stay in line,  and stay in line,  ooh and don’t rub your hands all along the wall on the way to the bathroom (after picking your nose of course!). I teach them to pick a chair to sit in for snack and activities.  Ooh they can’t sit by that one person,  now I teach them  it’s ok to cry, but it’s just not their day or time to sit by that person.

In preschool it’s a requirement to be potty trained.  We take 3 class trips to the big bathroom,  have a bathroom in our classroom,  yet somehow have to help change clothes a time or two a week.  Thank goodness,  that changing is now turning into playing in the water changing.

September was a month of so many new experiences.  Cutting was one of them.  Some I find out have never cut.  Not a problem, that’s what preschool is for!  Thumb up,  open and shut them,  thumb up,  hold the paper,  I can help you,  please don’t cut me,  stop cutting your glue stick,  stop cutting the table,  ooh buddy don’t cut your shirt!

October,  we have mastered walking in line! We know to sit and wait to see what jobs are available! We’ve learned some friends names!  Now we learn to say “when you’re done,  can I play with that?”. Ooh you forgot to ask? Was it in  their hands?  Did you take it from them? How do you think it makes them feel? Not good.  Yeah,  probably not.  What can we say next time? “When you’re done,  can I play with that?”  Yes we are practicing that one.

November is the month we focus hard on being thankful for the things we have and the things God has made.  What are you thankful for kiddo?? Ooh that truck? Are you thankful you get you play with it at school? No? You’re thankful God made it last year?  Ok,  remind me to talk more about what God has made!!

December is here.  What? We have a Christmas concert practice today and again tomorrow and the next,  ooh and next Monday? Ooh and they cut into nap time? Ooh snack time is pushed back?? Kiddos are getting hangry!  Ooh good,  preschool practice is only 15 minutes,  not too bad!! Back on schedule! Big kid buddies are coming to read with us! So fun!  20 minutes? Ok! Time to get some math fun in still?? Ooh yeah!! Let’s count to five with blocks, who can do it? Remember,  the last number you say when counting is how many you have! Lets count! 1,2,3 how many do we have? 5? Ok lets count again.

I created a packet of worksheets (don’t stress out over that word!) and it is here at my TPT store 🙂 It was great for the kiddos who needed scissor/coloring/gluing/patterning practice!

christmas activities

But then,  you hear “I love you ” or “I love school” or “do you want to play with me?” Or “look I zipped my coat all by myself!”.

All the difficult moments get covered up by all that really matters.  Kids are being loved,  taught how to be kind,  are kept safe,  and are taught some things along the way.

I love my “babies”. They are full of energy and have so many questions!

Tomorrow,  go answer those kiddos questions,  give them a smile,  and enjoy it all!
Feel free to buy your favorite teachers a gift or two this month! We do so much,  because we love what we do!

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Letter Art Fun!

letter art (1)My life revolves around children…it really does…and I love it!  Part of my school week involves teaching letters….ok most of my school week involves teaching letters!  Let’s be real!  One of my favorite things to do is letter art.  We create a craft that involves a letter of the alphabet in a fun way!  Pinterest has been my friend, giving me ideas for how to introduce them and how to have fun with the art!  At the end of the year, we make a title page for it, and get to enjoy the whole book we’ve made!


Here are several of the letters we do!  I’ll post the rest next time!



Preschool Fun

Moms day

Happy mothers day to all you wonderful women who have children of all ages!


Today in my preschool,  we celebrated mom’s day.  I invited in all mom’s (or mom replacement for the day), for 2 hours of play,  crafting and snacks.  It was so fun!

I got a chance to play with my own kiddo while the others were taken care of.  So fun! We made fire breathing dragons and popsicle stick picture frames!

Love this time of year! Thank you again mom’s for joining us and playing with us!