Chicken breast

Chicken breast

Meet your new favourite mushroom recipe! Rice infused with earthy mushroom flavour tossed through with caramelised mushrooms, this Mushroom Rice is worthy of currently being a meal by itself.

A Mushroom recipe for mushroom lovers!

This 1 is for mushrooms lovers! Though….in all honesty, I know not of any mushroom haters. I’m a Banana Hater (slimy horrible, stinky point!).

I know a hater of all items “bouncy” (fish cakes, tofu etc), a capsicum hater, and a hater of all issues that smell like…..errr…. wind. Egg, popcorn and corn apparently fall into this class.

But I’ve never heard of a Mushroom Hater. Have you??

This recipe is quite straight forward. It has a giant mound of mushrooms in it – 750g / one.five lb to be precise – and the cause I’m sharing it is simply because mushrooms had been on sale a couple of weeks ago at Harris Farm markets. $six.00 / kg, that’s $3.00 / lb. BARGAIN!

How to make Mushroom Rice (my way!)

There are a couple of issues I believe I do differently to most Mushroom Rice recipes. Absolutely nothing schmancy, this is just the way I do it:

  1. Stir through some browned mushrooms at the end – So brown them, then remove them, and add some of them back in at the end. This is due to the fact the mushrooms that are cooked with the rice get rid of their caramelisation and we all know what a fan I am of the golden bits. Often the greatest flavour!
  2. Rice is stained brown from the mushrooms – If you cook the mushrooms on large heat and brown them nicely, the base of the pot will essentially be completely brown. And when the broth is added, it deglazes the pot so all that brown stuff* mixes into the broth and all that flavour ends up in the rice. You’ll see it in the video (below the recipe, in which it always is!)

*It’s called fond! That’s the technical phrase.

I’m quite behind on responding to messages this week, I’m sorry for that. I’m obtaining internet troubles. That the web support here is worse than in Kathmandu just baffles me.

I’m told that NBN “should be” coming right here in a couple of many years. (“NBN” is a substantial velocity world wide web infrastructure currently being rolled out across Australia). So even getting a submit up these days has been practically a miracle. I had to go to the library just to use their wifi to upload the video!

Ample complaining about 1st Globe Problems. Let’s just appear at the Mushroom Rice once again. – Nagi x

Observe how to make it

Rice with Mushrooms recipe video! Note the part where I include some of the broth to deglaze the pot and it turns a dark brown colour, that’s why my rice is brown (and extra tasty! ).

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