Ginger snap recipe

Ginger snap recipe

Gingersnap Cookies are a favored holiday cookie! This effortless cookie recipe is chewy, a minor spicy, sweet, and festive! Gingersnaps must be slightly crisp at the edges with a chewy, soft center and this recipe is perfect!

The Ideal Gingersnap Cookies ever are simple, chewy and crinkly!

I will be the first to admit, I have in no way been a large gingersnap cookie lady. Spiced cookies have by no means been a 1st-choice cookie. BUT final 12 months during my 12 Days of Christmas Cookies I shared my recipe for Soft Molasses Cookies and…well…I loved them. They are an totally various texture than the Gingersnaps I am sharing these days, but the taste is equivalent. So I had a feeling if I could build a chewy edition of that molasses cookie, it would be a winner. And I will tell you…they are Absolutely a winner!

What are Gingersnaps?

Gingersnaps are a chewy cookie flavored with ginger and nutmeg, that are chewy and “snap” when broken. They are extremely comparable to a molasses cookie, or even gingerbread, but it’s all about the texture with a very good gingersnap! The outdoors is supposed to be crisp, and the within chewy, and the recipe I am sharing these days is precisely that. I guarantee you, even if you think you don’t like gingersnap cookies, I will win you over. These are Good!

AND they are the 6th cookie in the twelve Days of Christmas Cookie series! I can’t believe we are halfway accomplished. If you missed any of the very first five recipes, I am recapping them all at the bottom of this publish!

How do you make Gingersnap Cookies?

Gingersnaps are super simple to make! There is no chill time necessary for the dough and you use a cookie scoop to portion it out! Make sure to roll the dough into a ball and then in a little granulated sugar. This offers them the crackly tops!

When you bake these cookies, they spread out a good volume, so make positive you are giving them loads of room on the baking sheet! I have created the error of placing them as well near together and they all baked into each other!

These gingersnap cookies are easily the most festive of all holiday cookies! They are a warm, cozy cookie, best with a cup of coffee or tea. Even my kids who didn’t believe they liked gingersnap cookies had been won in excess of. I hope you try out them, simply because I know you will love them as considerably as we do!

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