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How to plan a dinner party

I’m coming to you from Pampered Chef World inside my home! It is a wonderful place filled with children who know what a Mix ‘n Chop is. It is a place where simplicity is enabled in every dish made, every design, every event. My PC home is always looking for a new and easy (and cheap!) way to host a dinner party.

Here it is. In it’s most simplest form.


As you can see, we’re going to start with serving our guests a Skinny Margarita. Allow them to mingle with you and one another. Thanks to Pampered Chef, my life got easier and tastier 😀

How do you make one of these skinny margaritas?? Click on over to my PC site here. The recipe is easy to read and tells you all the directions and even the nutritional facts!

Up next, is the appetizer. How about some chips and guac?! Easy and oh so good! This recipe is a bit different, but creates a moment that says “oooh, they’re good!”.  Making an easy appetizer allows you to visit and relax. It’s never fun when you’re stuck in the kitchen, slaving away at a hot stove, while your friends giggle at jokes you can’t hear! Whip this up and feel proud you’ve made it to round two 😀

Are you ready for your entree course? This is my absolute favorite meal. I have always loved fajitas or tacos, since I was little. This recipe though, is cooked in the microwave completely, leaving you with moist chicken, perfectly cooked veggies, and extra time to mingle!! Can you tell I love to mingle!? It is the best part of a dinner party! It is called Rush Hour Fajitas. It is meant for when you don’t have a bunch of time to cook, but want a delicious meal.  Layering onions, Bell peppers and chicken breasts in the Deep Covered Baker or the Rockcrok Dutch Oven, sprinkling with a couple table spoons of Chipotle Rub, and microwaving for 15 minutes or so, makes this dinner party a hit with your guests!!


Last, but not least, dessert. Coconut Tres Leches cake. Again, done in the microwave! How wonderful is that!!  I told you in the beginning of this post that I’m all about simplicity in the kitchen. The easier the recipe the better!! Let’s look at this “Dinner party” we created. A Mexican theme throughout, time for mingling-not stuck slaving behind a hot stove, and happy full guests. Sounds like a winner to me!


The party is over. Look around. What dishes do you have to do? Plates, glasses and forks (throw in the dishwasher). Rockcrok (throw in the dishwasher). Quick stir pitcher (dishwasher). Juicer (dishwasher). Hmmmmm…I think I’m seeing it…. After I throw it all in the dishwasher, I can put my feet up and relax!!


Not too hard to throw a party for friends!! Just follow my Pampered Chef kitchen rules…. Keep it simple and have fun!


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