Dairy Free · June 2017

It’s for real!

You know how I said Miss A can’t have dairy? Sometimes I let things slide….. then I regret it! Example A: last night I made homemade ice cream.  Not belly friendly for her! I made her a substitute but our kind leaked to hers and made a ring around it with milk ice cream.  She ate it with a smile on her face.  She also ate the left overs in the machine (without me knowing…… you know what happens when the kiddo is quiet? Trouble!) Yup… last night,  wet the bed.  Today,  icky poops,  toots, and wet her pants twice today! We are so trained now tho look at the label.  Why do I do it? She’s 4. I have to watch.  She doesn’t get a rash. She doesn’t stop breathing.  But she ends up in the bathroom and having to change her pants.

I was always one of those parents that thought my kids would not be bothered by food allergies.  But why not my kids? I have sensitivities.  Case in point…. two days ago I ate something that caused me to break out in bumps all over my arms, shoulders,  chest and belly and some on my face! Yup.  Why wouldn’t my kids have some intolerance?

My hubby tonight said he was a bad dad because he has to be asked by our 7 year old if something has milk in it. That he doesn’t remember to look every time.  I told him he’s definitely not a bad dad.  It will take us all time to get used to it.  Everyone is there to help us remember.  And we are human,  we forget.

I hope one day soon,  Miss  A will choose on her own not to eat dairy…. ever.  But until then….Becky

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