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Journaling for all ages

Journaling….one of my favorite things to do and have my kiddos do!!  As a teacher, it is a wonderful tool to teach fine motor skills, letter formation, letter recognition, shapes, self portraits, telling how they are feeling — dictating when they can’t write yet, and so much more.

Little kiddos can also go on a “letter hunt”.  This gets them looking for and differentiating between letters, words and numbers.  An outcome often used in the preschool -kindergarten years.

I always tell parents that children, young in age, will do “scribble writing.”  As long as they know what they are “writing,” that is what matters.  They need to know that print has a meaning….and that includes their printing.

When they are a little older, they can work on their sentence structure, using descriptive words and they can challenge themselves to write more and more each time.    Illustrations for older children can also be added into journaling.

Older children and young adults (and us big adults too of course!) can journal what they are doing each day and how they are feeling, what they enjoy and what they don’t enjoy.

Journaling can be a creative and therapeutic activity for all.  So get those kiddos and yourself journaling today!

Have fun!

— Becky

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