Dairy Free · May 2017

My Dairy FREE Kiddo!

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In the last couple months, my 4 year old has gone Dairy FREE!  What a change in my thought process this brought on!  Did you know there is milk in soooo many things?  Trying to find bread that is dairy free and is not full of unwanted sugars is very hard to find!  And of course, ice cream.  The thing that she loves so much, but now knows it hurts her belly, is something we are working on finding a wonderful replacement.  I have given her “SO Delicious” icecream, and she does like it as a treat!  But…..I have earned a FREE Ice cream maker from Pampered Chef last month, and I’m on a mission to find the best homemade recipe for her to enjoy!

This past weekend, we went camping as a family.  My family was so great being my extra eyes and ears, making sure Miss A did not eat dairy.  As you probably can imagine….kids have more access to random foods while out camping with others than they would at home.  It was wonderful having those extra people around watching for me when I was not there at that exact moment!  Simple foods such as fried fish (which was dipped in milk before frying) was almost over looked…but caught by my sister!  S’mores were expected, so I brought along the striped cookies (from Aldi) that were non dairy.  These were a great sub for the graham cracker and chocolate pieces…. and Miss A was thrilled!  My goal this weekend was to bring everything I was expected to bring, in a nondairy form so that no matter what, she would have something to eat.  Fortunately….the love of our family goes into food, and knowing that dairy was an issue, many of the things around had a non dairy option!  So awesome!


It is a game changer.  An eye opener.  When your child’s belly hurts, and going potty doesn’t help, just because she had dairy in her crackers, or bread…..it means you put a little extra attention into looking at the back of boxes at the grocery store, the potluck table, the camper next door’s snack table, and more!


What foods have you found have been delicious and non dairy?

Ice cream recipes to come in the next post!!


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