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Rainy Day Fun

Ok Moms, Dads and teachers….it’s raining out.  Enough said.  You all know the feeling…what do I do with my kiddos now?  We’re stuck inside and they’re driving me nuts!  Already!!

Sometimes it’s nice to see a list of simple ideas to get your brain going….so here ya go!  My list is not everything you could do in this whole world, but it is a great jumping point! Be creative— take my ideas and run with it!  Add your own family twists to it.  Change it up to fit your family’s needs.

  1. Living Room Tic-Tac-Toe
  2. Movie theater trip
  3. Make a blanket fort
  4. Make Playdough- from scratch!
  5. Have a reading war!!
  6. Play cards
  7. Make icecream in a bag
  8. Do puzzles
  9. Play board games
  10. Make a tie blanket
  11. Visit a nursing home
  12. Write a letter- and mail it!
  13. Fold and put away laundry (my favorite!)
  14. Go on a color hunt
  15. Paint on tinfoil
  16. Play balloon volleyball
  17. Make a Popsicle stick goodie box
  18. Make Gak
  19. Make bracelets
  20. Fly paper airplanes
  21. Do 20 Jumping jacks
  22. Bake bread
  23. Make a bird feeder
  24. Jump for 1 minute
  25. Paint with Q-tips
  26. Journal for 10 minutes
  27. Baking soda and vinegar experiments
  28. Play Memory
  29. Make S’mores in the oven
  30. Draw with washable markers and set in the rain
  31. Clean a room
  32. Make popcorn
  33. Play Simon Says
  34. Play indoor hopscotch
  35. Stack cups
  36. Find or make a pattern
  37. Draw a selfie
  38. Have a dance party
  39. Bake a cake
  40. Create a book
  41. Practice math facts
  42. Make Popsicles
  43. Jump in puddles
  44. Draw a picture
  45. Make a box fort
  46. Paint a picture
  47. Play Roll and Cover games
  48. Vacuum and dust
  49. Find a new recipe
  50. Blow painting

Enjoy these ideas with your kiddos either while stuck inside your own home or inside your classroom!

— Becky

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