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Vegan Strawberry Ice cream from Pampered Chef

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice cream!!  This recipe will be perfect for my little Miss A!  Non dairy, yet delish!  What type of ice cream do you love most—what flavor that is?  I have always always always said chocolate!  As I’ve grown up, it has continued with chocolate, but with something else with it….nuts, syrup, marshmallows, caramel…. you get the drift….something nummy to go with it!  I did tho, take a second look at this Pampered Chef Vegan Strawberry Icecream…. I was actually thinking “I’m going to be the best mom ever with this stuff!!!”  We’re making it tomorrow, and I’m hoping my prediction is correct, lol! Come on, can you hear it?  “Mom, you’re the best mom ever! You made me ice cream without milk in it and it is delicious!!”  Seriously….strawberry chunks throughout cannot be a bad thing!  I’m so excited! vegan strawberry icecream (1)


And if you are not needing a dairy free version of your favorite ice cream, here is a wonderful creamy strawberry goodness that will soon be requested!  Pampered Chef is seriously my go to recipe station.  They have done so much research for us…resulting in great food 🙂  This recipe will be a go to with my fam (besides Miss A) this summer!!

strawberry icecream



Yup… The bowl is going into the freezer tonight!!  I’m excited!

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